"A warm kitchen brings the family together" Marisa Cardamone

Marisa’s lifelong passion for food began as a child, surrounded by the finest imported and local produce at her family’s Providore and growing up in a home full of authentic Italian cooking. By adding her own personal touch to traditional Italian recipes and using only the freshest produce and best ingredients, she has created a unique selection of gourmet meals that has been acclaimed by lovers of fine food everywhere. 

Not only do Marisa's Kitchen make ready - to - go nutritious meals for the whole family. They also have a large selection of dips, their signature dip 'Crunchy Parmesan Dressing' voted in The Age as one of 'Melbourne's top 100 best kept secrets'. Marisa and Belinda were also invited to appear on 'The Circle' last year where they made there famous lasagna.